Shopping is Relaxing

Shopping.. shopping n shopping..

Everytime, there’s no time for relaxing but shopping. Are you one of who those enjoy shopping, especially shoping in online shop? If yes, high five frens, we are in the same club. Hehehe.

Ya, shopping is one way to get “me time” among hectic and crowded job. And, it’s always interesting. And full of fun. For me, when I got stucked or tired to finish my job, I just get some energy when I just  window shopping in online shopping. Trying to find a new view on my laptop. And window shopping is one of the remedy. I just opened some online shop in some page. And then opened a new tab again, trying to find my fave fashion, shoes, or bag.  If I got bored, open a new name of online shop again. Trying to find my fave thing, compare the price with the former online shop. Look at the spec for details, compare again.. again.. again.. till I felt relax again. Haha it has so much fun and excited for me. If I counted, at least, it took 1 hour in a day for window shopping through website and Instragramm. And…amazing, it’s success gave more extra energy to continue my job. What about you? Do you feel the same? :)

There are so many online shop today. And.. as a smart buyer, we must have some knowledge to choose which online shop that we can trust.  Among of them, I always enjoy to find my fave things in Lazada. I had ever  bought a watch in  Lazada. And I satisfied with the service.  Now, if u ask me about what 5 things that I really wanna buy. Here they are : )

  1. Mirrorless Camera from Canon

kamera putih

I have been dreamed for having this mirrorless camera. My travelling hobby would be more wonderful with this cute camera. Look at the details below. Hmm, I can’t wait to have it. Pray .. and more pray Des :)

spec graf camera

2. Samsung Smart TV

tv lazada

The second wishlist is Samsung Smart TV. This TV must be perfect for my relaxing time. Enjoying the clarity of standard HD TV.  I can access to website, youtube and skype also. It’s really insteresting right?.. Besides, the TV has a connectshare feature, so that i can watch my fave movie from USB or hardisk. Furteher more, i can enjoy listening music and seeing photo from it.

3. A Red Suitcase

koper merah

Actually, i really love all the things in red. And, unfortunately my suit case is broken when i was on my former trip. So, this suit case is the third thing on my wishlist. Easy mobility is a must for suit case.

4. Sony Portable Charger 20000mAh – Black

powerbank lazada

A power bank, Ya i really need this  to support my job for blogging and writing. Join some event and live blogging contest without power bank is another kind of suicide. So, this power bank is the important tools to support my side job.

4. Sport Shoes

shoes lazada

One of my resolution in 2016 is join a hiking club. So, I need a high quality shoes, a strong sole, and breathable material. For sure, I really love the soft colour of this shoes.

There are my 5 fave things in lazada online shop. So, how about you. Tell me what 5 wishlist in Lazada and why you love that things.

Okay, See ya.. :)

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